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Soil Excavations – Soil Profiling – Atterberg Limits – DCP Testing – MOD AASHTO and Moisture – CBR Bearing Pressure
Areas which results indicate a lack of bearing pressure due to non-refusal, would ideally require importing of G7-G5 material and compacting to 95%-98% MOD AASHTO upon which foundations can be founded.
Road - Layerworks - Earthworks
Compaction Testing – Cement Content Analysis – Stabilized Aggregate Analysis – Asphalt Drilling

All earthworks should be carried out in a manner that promotes the stable development of the site. It is recommended that earthworks be carried out along the guidelines given in SANS 1200 (current version) and according to TRH14 Guidelines for Road Construction Materials.

Rock Aggregate Analysis – Quarry Aggregate Analysis – Compaction Layerworks Testing
Density control of placed fill material should be undertaken at regular intervals during fill construction. Geotechnical Solutions can carry out compaction test inspections of foundations prior to any concrete poured.
Geotechnical Investigations – Soil Report Data-sets – Independent Research Analysis
 It is recommended that excavations be carried out in the dry season as far as possible and completed/backfilled with a minimum of delay. Lateral support should be used in all situations where ground water is encountered or instability is observed
Onsite Laboratory Establishment
Geotechnical Solutions is authorized by the South African Department of Health’s Nuclear Regulatory Body to carry out field density nuclear gauge compaction tests hence ascertaining the various layer data.



Geotechnical Solutions is a South African Department of Health Accredited Licensed Nuclear Authority


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