Geographic Information Systems - Map Making - Planning - Land Zoning

Established in 2010 - Geotechnical Solutions Trading Projects (Pty) Ltd. (GeoSol) provides innovative approaches to geotechnical, construction and engineering assisted services throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal, the Midlands, the Orange Free State as well the PWV Gauteng region.
We Assist Companies and individuals collecting Earth GIS DATA, The compilation of Maps and Satellite Images to assist map making, planning and land housing zoning.

Digital Elevation Models - Africa Maps - Research on Commodities
Various Maps are avaliable from DEM (Digital Elevation Models) to Geo-Political and even assisting research on commodities and rare valuable earth metals.

Mine Planning - Graveyard Suitability - Home and Residential Zoning
Mine Planning Digitization and Map Making - Finding Areas for Graveyard suitablilty - Eart Planning and Desktop Planning for Home, Residential and Industrial Zoning.


Flood Hazard Identifying and Modelling 
River Systems Water Monitoring and Flood Hazard Geographic Information Systems. The Plotting of 100 Year Flood Lines and Volume of Water Calculations.

Secured Research and Development
For a Collection of Satellite Images visit or Earth Explorer Blog ...

        Earth @ Night - South Africa by Night

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